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Mirko GrewingI am Mirko Grewing, a 36 years old born and raised in Rome, Italy.

I was a happy student when my life took an unexpected turn and compelled me to look for a job with great urgency. Most of the people in a similar situation would have gone for the simplest option and start delivering their single-paged CV to all pubs and restaurants in the city. With all due respect for all the hard-working waiters and bartenders, I didn’t want to stop learning just because my education was being put on hold. I had pronounced organisational skills and I was quite knowledgeable about IT, but my real bargaining chip was a unique knowledge of the most desirable objects for every professional at that time: mobile devices.

Exactly eight days after I had started looking for a job, I was being hired by an emerging retail company to consult on one of their main projects, the set-up of a premium customer support service on mobile devices.

It was an unexpectedly rich experience, not only because I met incredibly talented people – some of them are still inspiring me today – but also because one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs of the country decided to invest in that company. I was at that point included in the exclusive group of experts selected to lead the first step of the newborn joint stock company, having the responsibility of leading the professional services department: that was my defining moment. I was given the chance to achieve something unique and at the same time I was allowed to make mistakes – and God knows how many of them I made.

Those same years I started collaborating sporadically with some universities until I began teaching IT Management as an honorary fellow in 2007.

But my thirst for knowledge and for new challenging experiences was not quenched yet, and when I finally found the woman of my life and we started talking about growing a family, we immediately agreed that it could only happen in a place with plenty of opportunities for us and our kids to come.

How does every project start? With a plan of course, and ours was very clear in its simplicity: within three years we would have moved in together – I was in Italy, she was in Spain – and relocated to London. I started working on more international stages, managing long, complex projects all over the world, bringing my expertise to a whole new level.

Two years and five months after we conceived our plan, my partner and I were living in London. If you are wondering, I am now also the father of a beautiful baby boy, whose smile melts my heart.

If you are interested in my career, would like to talk about professional opportunities or simply have a chat with me, please do not hesitate in contacting me.


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